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Man circumcision procedure

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In principle there is no difference man circumcision procedure between circumcision in children. In anatomy was to be circumcised pen!s is the same, only the man pen!s size, pen!s skin thickness, and the erection to be a material consideration circumcision technique best suited for man circumcision procedure.

Man circumcision procedure is not different from the process of circumcision in young children. The process of circumcision in man is same as the process of circumcision in young children, there are several stages of the process of circumcision in man.

The initial step make sure there is no contra indication to the person such as a blood disorder (such as himofili, leukemia and thalassemia), presence of epispadia (small hole in the back of the penile shaft) or hypospadias (pee hole in front of the shaft of the pen!s), have diabetes with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

If this is not all mean the person is already worth doing circumcision. man circumcision procedure :
  1. First, the hair around the pen!s should be shaved first to prevent contamination of skin wounds to be circumcised.
  2. Second, doctors do the washing action of pests on the pen!s and surrounding areas.
  3. Third, the action of local anesthetic or numbing.
  4. Fourth, after waiting a few minutes and certainly anesthetic is working the head of the pen!s is cleaned of dirt due to residual urine is not wasted.
  5. Fifth, be limited to cutting the neck skin of the foreskin of the pen!s glans.
  6. Sixth, make sure there is no bleeding after cutting the blood vessels by binding to a large
  7. Seventh, close up the wound edges by suturing the wound to heal faster
  8. Eighth, the remaining blood from the pen!s clean and antiseptic (betadin) and wrap it with sterile gauze that has been given anti-biotic ointment.
These are general man circumcision procedure. To do this circumcision can be performed by a trained general practitioner or surgeon.